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If you have a good idea and you want to get involved in supporting a cause, then we welcome you to join us. We are open and eager to receive your proposals concerning new projects, or details about social cases which need our help. Together, we can get mobilized and we can change not only someone’s life, but also the way in which we react to the needs and expectations of the whole community.

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We need your proposals and initiative to achieve our objectives, which are to help as many people as we can through our constant effort, and to stimulate the members of our community to proactively participate in our actions. Any project idea represents the fact that you care and that you wish the best to your neighbor.

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If you have a well-established project, or just an idea through which we can participate in the development of our society, or we can make a change in someone’s quality of life, we welcome you to join us. We are eager to collaborate and discover the good, positive things we can create together with you and our partners.

If you wish to create a pleasant environment for people with special needs and the community you belong to, join the initiatives of our association by making a donation. Every way you choose to get involved, and every amount of money you choose to donate may change someone’s life. The fact that we care and we want to contribute to building a happy and united community represents a step towards reaching the primary objective of every individual’s existence: to become a better person. Here are the ways in which you can get involved in our projects:

  • Donations by bank transfer in the account: RO50VBBU2511IS1804912701, opened at Volksbank Iaşi.
  • If you are employed, direct 2% of your income to Mica Teodora Association. How to fill in the 230 form.
  • If you are a company, direct 20% of the income tax to Mica Teodora Association in the bank account: RO50VBBU2511IS1804912701, opened at Volksbank Iaş
  • Offer a sponsorship.

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“We wish to thank everyone who supports us in our actions. We are grateful to our partners because without them we wouldn’t have managed to implement so many projects and see everything we had planned through. We also wish to thank you, the wonderful people who follow our activity with interest. Without the help and moral support we have received, our work wouldn’t have brought so many satisfactions. We hope you will continue to support us. Thank you!”