How to fill in the 230 form


Fill in the 230 form to redirect 2% of the salary income tax.

The form must be filled in and submitted in two copies: one stays with you after you receive a registration number, and the other stays with the Fiscal Administration. In case you submit it by mail, one copy is enough.


Steps to follow in order to fill in the form:


Step 1:

Date the form with the previous year.


Step 2:

Fill in your personal information in section I. TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION DATA:


  • Name, Surname, Father’s initial;
  • Address as it appears in the ID Card;
  • Personal identity number;
  • Phone, e-mail.

Step 3:

Fill in the identification data of the association you want to support in section III. THE DESTINATION OF THE AMOUNT REPRESENTING UP TO 2% OF THE ANNUAL TAX as follows:


  • Fill in the name of the non-profit organization you want to support, the fiscal identification code (CIF), and the bank account (in IBAN format) of this organization.
  • The section for the amount to be redirected must be left blank. It will be calculated by the Fiscal Administration.

Step 4:

Sign the form in the section reserved for the taxpayer’s signature, lower left.


Step 5:

Submit the form or sent it by mail (registered letter) to the Fiscal Administration subsidiary you belong to.


Don’t forget that the deadline to submit the form to the Fiscal Administration is May 25.


Thank you for choosing to be responsible and for showing that you care about your community!


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