Kids Marathon and Mica Teodora Association sponsors cultural activities for disadvantaged children


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We run for the future of our children!


Within the Kids Marathon project, Mica Teodora Association was supported by two participants, Severin Sânzianu and Cristian Agafiţei, who ran 21 km in Iaşi, on April 26, 2015. The reason for which they accepted this challenge was to raise funds for the cultural activities for children in two childcare centers in Iaşi. Together, Severin and Cristian managed to raise over 1900 RON. Mica Teodora Association, together with the two participants, invests a part of this amount in the organization of a two-day trip for the children in the Emergency Reception Centre for Children.


Kids Marathon is a platform which was created to attract funds for Romanian causes which involve children. Being based on an attractive and creative mechanism, it offers everyone the perfect occasion to get involved. This mechanism consists of three stages: choosing the objective and the cause, registration of the participants, and registration of the supporters. Premian collects the raised amounts and, based on a sponsorship contract, makes sure this money reaches the supported cause. For more information about Kids Marathon, please access the official website:


Mica Teodora Association, together with Severin Sânzianu and Cristian Agafiţei, supports the Emergency Reception Centre for Children in organizing a two-day trip for a number of 25 children. The route was chosen based on the children’s opinion and wish to visit some of the most important cultural objectives in the north of Moldavia. Thus, the departure will be from Iaşi, and the first stop will be in Fălticeni, where children will visit the Mihail Sadoveanu Memorial House and learn interesting things about the life and work of this great Romanian author. Suceava will be next, where they will visit the Seat Fortress of Suceava and the Planetarium, then Rădăuţi, where they will see the animals at the zoological garden. The route will also include a visit to the Cacica salt mine, the Ciprian Porumbescu Memorial House and, finally, Gura Humorului, where they will visit Voroneţ Monastery and Humor Monastery. The children will be accommodated for one night at Putna Monastery.


The trip will be made with two minibuses provided by D.G.A.S.P.C. Iaşi, and Mica Teodora Association will cover the travel expenses so that the young people from the Emergency Reception Centre for Children would enjoy two days of adventure, relaxation, and new discoveries related to culture, history, geography, and religion.

 On May 16, 2015, thanks to the goodwill and generosity of Mr. Severin Sânzianu and Mr. Cristian Agafiţei, and with the support of Mica Teodora Association, represented by Mrs. Daniela Diaconu, we went together with 22 children, 5 caretakers and 2 drivers on a trip in the north of Moldavia, to visit touristic and spiritual attractions, to show the children who miss the guidance of their parents and are faced with the harsh life in the Emergency Reception Centre for Children, Iaşi, the beauty of this country, and to show them the good side of this life, a side which they haven’t yet had the chance to experience.


Nervous and eager to see new places and learn interesting things, we got on two minibuses and left around 8 AM. The first stop was at Codrii Paşcanilor, where we organized a small picnic, filled with sandwiches for the children and with a lot of physical exercise to get ready for the long journey. Then, we got on the minibuses and headed to the first attraction on our trip planner: the Seat Fortress of Suceava. With God’s help, we arrived in Suceava and we started the exploration of the Fortress together with the children, who were very enthusiastic about everything they saw.


After the wonderful tour of the Fortress, which gave us a pleasant feeling of mystery and legend, we headed to the next tourist attraction, the Bukovina Village Museum, where the children had the opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions of the people living in this area.


After this incredible tour, filled with history, folklore and geography, we continued on our way to Rădăuţi to visit the zoological garden, where we saw the wild animals that live in the jungle, forest, or savannah. Filled with wonder, joy, and the desire to learn, we admired the tiger of the jungle, the Carpathian bear of our beautiful forests, the lion of the savannah, and many other wonderful, yet terrifying animals. After this adventurous experience, we were very hungry, so we headed to the Putna Monastery, where we stayed overnight, as it had been established in our trip schedule.


After we were accommodated at the Putna Monastery, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Severin Sânzianu and the kindness of father Isac and father Irimia, we ate, then we went to visit the monastic cell of father Daniil Sihastrul, which is near the monastery. The children were very thrilled about this hike, they played, organized activities, climbed the mountain, and sang in the forest. The second day, after a refreshing sleep, we resumed our adventurous journey.


We arrived at Cacica, where we visited the beautiful salt mine. Here, the children were more fascinated than they had been during the entire trip. They played in the sports hall in the salt mine, walked along the galleries, visited the ball room, the altars, and the little church dedicated to Saint Varvara, the protector or miners. The children were overjoyed to visit all these beauties they discovered inside the salt mine. After this, we visited the Voroneţ Monastery and the Humor Monastery, then, tired, but with many wonderful memories, we headed back home. With God’s help, we arrived in Iaşi, where we stopped at a restaurant and ate a delicious pizza.


I want to thank Mr. Severin Sânzianu and Mr. Cristian Agafiţei, as well as Mica Teodora Association, represented by Mrs. Daniela Diaconu, for offering the children in the Emergency Reception Centre for Children, Iaşi, the unique opportunity to enjoy a trip which was filled with mystery, history, and folklore.


Kindest regards,

Laurian Vartolomei

Piano ArtIs

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Divine chords for mind and spirit

Together with the National College of Art “Octav Băncilă” and the School Inspectorate, Mica Teodora Association contributed to the organization of the piano competition Piano ArtIs, a project which came into being in 2011, and which takes place in Iaşi. Mica Teodora Association sponsored five prizes.


Iaşi is not only an important artistic center, but also a city that educated internationally valuable people whose contributions to the field of music are well-known. The Piano ArtIs project aims to continue this tradition and improve the Romanian cultural life. It was born out of the need to create a quality symbol for the piano education in Iaşi, and it encourages young pianists to study this wonderful musical instrument.


The contestants’ performance is appraised by a jury made of outstanding personalities of the Romanian pedagogy and, starting with 2014, international pedagogy. The Piano ArtIs competition has been honored by the presence of: Associate Professor Mihaela Constantin – “George Enescu” Arts University Iaşi, Prof. Dr. Monica Noveanu – “Sigismund Toduţă” Arts High School Cluj Napoca, Prof. Elisa Bârzescu – National College of Art “George Enescu” Bucharest, as well as Prof. Dr. Laura Vasiliu – dean of the Faculty of Performance, Composition and Theoretical Music Studies from the “George Enescu” Arts University Iaşi.

The competition takes place every year in the festivities hall of the National College of Art “Octav Băncilă” from Iaşi. The organizing institution offers the candidates study halls, as well as the possibility to find accomodation in the school dorm rooms, or to have their meals in the cafeteria. Each candidate will have sufficient time to get used to the piano they will play during the contest.




Let’s support the young pianists of the National College of Art!




fetita la pian

Talent and devotion on the road to perfection

Mica Teodora Association is the main sponsor of two talented children, students at the National College of Art “Octav Băncilă”, Iaşi, who will participate in the International Hans-von-Bülow Piano Competition, The Children and Youth Category, which will take place between June 24 and June 27, 2015 in Meiningen, Germany. Mica Teodora Association will cover the travel expenses, offering the young pianists the counter value of a plane ticket for Iaşi-Frankfurt.


Sofia is in the 9th grade at the National College of Art “Octav Băncilă”, Iaşi, specializing in piano music, and studying with Prof. Dr. Roxana Ota. Sofia has always loved the piano and musical interpretation, showing her talent for this musical instrument and her desire to study and deepen her knowledge in this field. Intelligence, musicality, native ease in seeking and determining the quality of sound, ambition and strong will are qualities that Sofia has, and which open her way towards the interpretative ideal. Until now, the young pianist participated in various contests, where she won approximately 30 prizes, 15 of which are first prizes. At international contests, Sofia always represented Romania with maturity and professionalism. The funding offered by Mica Teodora Association will give Sofia a new occasion to place herself on the podium of the contest International Hans-von-Bülow Piano Competition, The Children and Youth Category.


Alexandru is in the 7th grade at the National College of Art “Octav Băncilă”, Iaşi, studying the piano with Prof. Dr. Roxana Ota. Ambition, the capacity to work, strong will and earnestness are qualities Alexandru has and which helped him play repertoires way above his age level. His talent and effort are reflected by over 30 national prizes and 8 international prizes won between 2010 and 2014. His technical clarity, refined expresiveness, and the inner strength with which he plays always impresses the jury and bring him not only the first prize, but also the trophies of the competitions in which he participates. Thus, between 2013 and 2014, Alexandru won the Grand Prize of the “Pro Piano România” Festival, the Grand Prize in the category Jeunes Tallents at the International Contest “Ville de Gagny” Paris, France, and the Trophy of the competition “Piano ArtIs”, Iaşi.


The contest International Hans-von-Bülow Piano Competition, The Children and Youth Category is addressed to children up to age 17, who are not yet enrolled at a conservatory or university of music full-time. For Sofia and Alexandru, this contest will represent a new experience and an opportunity to impress the jury and the audience with their exquisite talent. Mica Teodora Association will offer them the necessary support to participate in this event.



Let’s help the little athletes of Kokoro Club participate in the Sentoki Cup!



grup de copii in uniforme de arte martiale

We support the passion and love of sports!

In February 2015, Mica Teodora Association, in partnership with Host Europe Group and Kokoro Club Botoşani, supported the participation of the little athletes of Kokoro Club in the “Sentoki Cup”.


The competition, organized by CS Toratoshi from Iaşi, took place on February 28, 2015, in Târgu Frumos. The children of Kokoro Club needed a bus to travel on the route Botoşani-Săveni-Roşiori-Botoşani-Târgu Frumos and back. Mica Teodora Association covered the travel expenses, thus providing the children with a 50-seat bus.


Within the same event, 30 athletes who participated in the “Sentoki Cup” received a custom hoodie with the logo of the sponsor Host Europe Group and the logo of Kokoro Club.


The little athletes of Kokoro Club Botoşani are very talented and eager to achieve great performance in contact sports. Participating in local and national competitions is essential, as the competitive environment motivates children and determines them to evolve. At the same time, it prepares them mentally and emotionally for all kinds of challenges they will have to face in life, from tests and exams to contests and interviews.


Mica Teodora Association and the main sponsor Host Europe Group support the children of Kokoro Club and encourage them to become better and better.


The enchanted garden in my city


alee prin gradina cu flori si copaci

Let’s celebrate nature, culture and team work!

The company Host Europe Group from Iaşi, together with Mica Teodora Association and Mai Bine Association, organized the project called “We cultivate the city”, which took place between August 28th, 2015 and April 1st, 2015. The main goal of the project was the development of an urban community garden which would offer the people in Iaşi the possibility to interact in a unique way, and, at the same time, it aimed to offer them the opportunity to contribute to the local biodiversity. The activities were carried out on an area of approx. 800 square meters of land, provided by the Sadoveanu Museum, located in the Agronomy area.


The project had two stages. The first stage was based on grubbing, clearing, and planting activities, and the second stage was designated to the creation of access roads and temporary constructions. The entire concept had as main objective the involvement of at least 25 people from the urban environment in land development activities and the planting of trees and shrubs. Also, it aimed to create temporary constructions which would allow the deployment of various social activities. The events suggested within this project were: practical courses and workshops related to gardening, celebrations or festivals, leisure activities, and various theme parties.


Through these activities, we aimed to promote the Sadoveanu Museum in a unique and creative way, as it is a place which is full of culture and history. Our effort underpins our desire to attract as many locals as possible in our endeavor, because Iaşi is a city which is full of culture and history, and we are trying to emphasize this important aspect.


Cultural activities for children


fetita cu mini teatru de papusi

Unique opportunities for special students!


Themes: “Theatre in the heart of a child” and “Nature and history”

Mica Teodora Association started a series of cultural projects addressed to children who come from disadvantaged environments, starting June 18, 2014. Under the project “Cultural activities for children”, took place the first event with the theme “Theatre in the heart of a child”. On this occasion, 40 children from the Emergency Reception Centre for Children Iaşi watched the play “Sinbad the Sailor”, script written by Cristian Pepino, at the “Luceafărul” Children’s Theatre.


Also, under the same project, Mica Teodora Association organized on September 27 this year the event with the theme “Nature and history”, through which 24 children from the Emergency Reception Centre for Children Iaşi benefited from a one-day trip.


Accompanied by five teachers, the 24 children visited tourist attractions of great interest, such as Neamţ Fortress, Sihăstria Monastery, Secu Monastery, Sihla Monastery, Neamţ Monastery, “Ion Creangă” Memorial House, and the Bison Reservation.


Another event, part of the project “Cultural activities for children”, organized with the occasion of Saint Nicolas, was “My friend – the horse”, which took place on Friday, December 5, 2014, at the Elixir-Zar Equestrian Sports Club. During this event, 20 children from the Emergency Reception Centre for Children Tătăraşi visited the club and saw the horses, as well as other farm animals. The little ones received presents and spent wonderful moments on this special holiday.


These activities were enjoyed by children who had a proper behavior, who respected the centre’s rules of procedure, attented school courses, and participated actively in the educational tasks.


Wishing to help these disadvantaged children, whose possibilities are limited, we decided to run this project whose goal is the cultural development of the little ones, the improvement of their communication skills, but also of their knowledge in fields such as geography, history, literature, and religion. These types of activities are very important for children because, besides the fact that they enrich their general knowledge, they also develop their ability to communicate and interact with others in a pleasant, fun way.



Swim therapy



copii in bazinul de inot

Strength, health and a better future!

Starting July 2014, Mica Teodora Association is conducting a project which involves covering the therapy expenses for two children with disabilities. Răzvan and Ştefan, two special boys, benefit from our help in the swim therapies which are necessary to them.


The first, Răzvan, is a young high school student with very good results in school, who is 18 years old and has a high level of disability. The disability is present in both lower limbs and upper limbs, aspect which makes his life difficult both physically and socially. Răzvan has difficulties with daily activities, and needs someone to help him at all times. The disability he suffers from makes him doubt himself and feel vulnerable, and it generates a feeling of inferiority to those around him.


The second child we are helping is Ştefan, a five-year-old boy who has a more special situation. He is adopted and he has a severe disability in his lower limbs, thus finding himself in the impossibility to walk. The fact that he is very young, at the age when children wish to play and run, and are very active, makes Ştefan’s situation very special. He is in that period of his life when he is not capable of understanding why these things are happening to him and why he is different from other children.


After only three months of treatment, the children had important results in the improvement of both their physical condition and social life. Due to this, the trainers recommended to continue the swim therapy in both cases. Both Ştefan and Răzvan are more self-confident, more positive and full of hope.


Swim therapy, or aquatic therapy, began being used a long time ago, when the Chinese, the Romans and the Greeks laid the foundation of execution of movements in water. This type of training represents a good way of activating the body functions and treating various illnesses, because water has the role of taking a part of the body weight so that the muscular effort would be less exhausting, and the movements would be easier to perform.



Horse-assisted therapy – The horse, a child’s friend



fetita alaturi de cal

The horse – a child’s best friend

In April 2014, Mica Teodora Association, in partnership and with the support of Elixir-Zar Equestrian Sports Club, conducted a project based on horse-assisted therapy for a group of five children with special needs.


Horse therapy, or hippotherapy, is a widely used technique which improves the condition of children who suffer from various disorders, such as tetraparesis, paraparesis, Down syndrome, autism, mental retardation, problems of integration into society, and not only. The psychotherapists emphasize the fact that hippotherapy can help reduce the level of stress and anger, increases self-esteem and patience, reduces aggressiveness, helps with emotional recovery and rebalancing, as well as with the development of self-consciousness and the improvement of social relationships. Moreover, it improves interpersonal communication, especially in the case of children who have troubles adjusting in society and who show fear of those around them. A very important aspect regarding this therapy, and a real advantage brought by it, is represented by the improvement of motility both in children and adults.


During the therapy, the five children who suffer from autism came into contact with horses that had been specially trained for this kind of therapy. A powerful connection and a true friendship developed between the little ones and the animals, which transmitted positive feelings of peace and happiness to the children. The moment they started riding was a relief, an escape from their sad and quiet world, offering them the feeling of protection and safety which they miss so much. The contact with the horses calmed them down and offered them the comfort they needed. The trainer said that even from the first sessions she noticed positive results, that the five children were happier, less agitated, and they started developing communication skills.


In addition to the horse-assisted therapy, we managed to offer one of the children, Matei, 20 speech therapy sessions.


We thank our collaborator, Elixir-Zar Equestrian Sports Club, for their support and for the patience and dedication they showed in working with the five children.

“We wish to thank you for your support and kindness, and for making it possible for us to participate in the International Hans-von-Bülow Piano Competition, which takes place between June 24 and June 27, 2015 in Meiningen, Germany. This contest is essential to our development as pianists.


We consider this experience very important to us because it can help us compare our training level in an international context. The jury is very demanding, and it is made of renowned pianists, and for us, the fact that we can play in front of them is a great opportunity.


We will do everything in our power to make you proud of our results.”


Best regards and respect,

Sofia Sălăjan and Alexandru Plăcintă,

students of Prof. Dr. Roxana Ota.


Through Swimathon we support a little girl’s dream


people swimming in Olympic pool

We swim for chance and excellence!

Mica Teodora Association, in partnership with the Community Foundation and together with the main sponsor Host Europe Group, participated in the third edition of Swimathon held in Iaşi. The event took place on Saturday, July 5, 2014, at the Municipal Swimming Pool, and its primary goal was to support the Scholarship Fund.


We were supported by a team of professional swimmers, who were completely dedicated to the activity. The contest consisted in the fact that the swimmers had to overcome their limits and make, in the shortest time possible, the round trip of the pool, then being relieved by the next teammate. In total, the contestants swam for one hour, and made as many round trips as possible to support the cause.


One of the beneficiaries of the scholarship offered by S.C. Host Europe Group S.R.L., with the support of the Community Foundation, is Adela, a nine-year-old girl from Roşiori, Botoşani. The child was rewarded for her outstanding results in school and in sports competitions. Adela is a student in the fourth grade, and member of Kokoro Sports Club, alongside whom she won six gold medals and one silver medal in the two years of sports activity.


The second beneficiary of the scholarship offered by S.C. Host Europe Group S.R.L., with the support of the Community Foundation, is Codrina, a little girl from the Emergency Reception Centre for Children Tătăraşi, who is a student in the fifth grade at “I. Neculce” General School, no. 21, Iaşi. The scholarship was offered for outstanding results in school in spite of the fact that the girl’s environment and situation are not favorable. Codrina is an example for everyone around her through the fact that, even though she does not live in a loving family who supports her and guides her in life, she proves to be ambitious, strong, and she shows a tremendous desire to learn. The scholarship is used to cover the expenses related to the purchase of the necessary school supplies and books, as well as the dance and singing classes she attends.


The psychopedagogical characterization shows that the girl has a quiet nature, does not generate conflicts, and manifests a proper attitude in her relationship with other children and with adults. Codrina is aware of the importance of her personal effort in the educational process and, for this reason, she gets involved in a responsible and voluntary way in completing her school tasks. The little girl shows a special interest in artistic activities, such as dancing and music, proving that she has very good practical abilities and talent.


We managed to achieve our goals through the courtesy of our main sponsor, Host Europe Group, whom we thank for their support.



Meeting with the little athletes of Roşiori School, Botoşani

grup de copii in uniforme de arte martiale

Let’s support the little athletes of Kokoro Club!

Mica Teodora Association, together with Kokoro Sports Club Botoşani and the main sponsor Host Europe Group Iaşi, developed the project named “Let’s support the little athletes of Kokoro Club”. The first stage of the project took place on June 7, 2014 in Roşiori, Botoşani, its primary objective being to support disadvantaged children in rural areas, athletes and students in schools with grades I-VIII from Roşiori and Săveni, members of Kokoro Sports Club.


Wishing to encourage the practice of sports and to help children with a poor financial situation participate in sports activities, we started this project in which two representatives of Host Europe Group from Iaşi and one representative of Kokoro Sports Club visited the children in these two schools. They also participated in the trainings conducted by the members of the sports club, and organized a round table where they discussed the necessities and ways of improvement of the athletes’ activities.


Thus, the main sponsor, Host Europe Group, provided the amount of 2176 RON for the acquisition of equipment for the active members of Kokoro Sports Club, so they would be able to participate in the competitive events of 2014. The equipment contains protection helmets, chest protection, gloves, shin guards, and shells. Within the same project, 40 athletes of Kokoro Club who participated in the second edition of the championship called “Cupa Botoşani” (“Botoşani Cup”) and who achieved podium places, received custom shirts from Host Europe Group. Also, in August 2014, three of the children, members of the sports club, who do not have a good financial situation, received from the sponsor the necessary money to purchase the essential sports equipment.


The support of the children of Kokoro Club continued in November this year, when Host Europe Group covered the athletes’ travel expenses in order for them to participate in the eighth edition of “Cupa Iaşi” (“Iaşi Cup”). Moreover, the main sponsor was the one that provided the children with lunch, transport, and offered them a custom backpack. Moreover, in December 2014, the 15 athletes who won medals at this competition were rewarded by Host Europe Group. The prize in the amount of 2250 RON covered the expenses for the winter training camp organized by Kokoro Botoşani, which took place between December 20 and December 22 in Gura Humorului.


Sports activities, especially contact sports, play a very important role in children’s education and training. They empower them, make them more organized, increase their self-esteem, and provide them with behavioral balance. In addition to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by practicing a sport, this type of activity also provides psychological benefits.


Mica Teodora Association, represented by Daniela Diaconu, is launching a new project addressed to children from the orphanages in Iaşi who have great results at school and high school, and high conduct marks. Through “Excellence”, we want to support children and young people from primary and secondary school, high school and university, who prove to have a special talent and strong motivation to excel in a field of their choice.

Mica Teodora Association promotes education, love of learning, the passion and desire to achive the highest level, both in life and career. The pupils and students who practice a sport, play an instrument, sing, or dedicate themselves to an artistic activitiy and participate in contests and school competitions in order to rise in their field of choice and turn it into a career one day,  are those who Mica Teodora Association is ready to sponsor. If you fit these parameters and you believe that we can help you to launch yourself on the path to success, read further.

Apply for a sponsorship offered by Mica Teodora Association by writing and sending a letter to Mrs Daniela Diaconu – e-mail: – , no later than November 1st, 2015. What should the letter contain?  Well, first of all, we want to know a couple of things about you. Tell us what your name is, how old you are, what grade you are in, and where you learn. Tell us about your passion, about the competitions you participated in, the awards you have won so far, and about your plans for the future. What exactly makes you a good candidate for Mica Teodora Association to support you? How do the results you’ve had so far help you fulfill your dream? Why do you want Mica Teodora Association to be with you and how would you like us to help you? Tell us what you need to move to the next level, and we will do all that is necessary to help and support you.

We are expecting your letters until November 1st, 2015, and beginning with December 20th, 2015, we will announce the children and young people who will benefit from the sponsorship.

Good luck!

Together WE MOVE “3C”

The world of disability is a vast one, filled with hope just as it’s filled with disappointment. Always in a hurry, always absorbed in our daily routine, concerned with advancing in our career or obtaining “vital” things, we forget that not all of us have these major “problems”. If we want to look in the right direction, we can see that for a parent the fact that she or he hears the word “mother” or “father” from a child who is only 6 years old is a miracle because the child is suffering from autism, and the fact that the child eats some yogurt by himself, even clumsily, is a great achievement. Hope comes from the fact that working hard, we make things better.

The main therapies which offer results in cases of autism, Down syndrome or mental retardation are: ABA therapy, PECS, hippotherapy, logopaedics, 3C therapy, and others. 3C Therapy is a sports therapy carried out through specific physical exercises which target the psychomotor recovery of children. Its founder is martial arts trainer Paul Cojocaru. The child learns the spatial coordinates, how to keep his balance, learns the usefulness of each movement, for instance how to remove his own coat, becomes aware of the space and the people around him, and, last but not least, learns how to be more organized. Self-esteem is strengthened. The physical exercises are carried out with the help of simple objects: balls, rods, pins, hoops. Their main objective is to teach children how to focus their attention and become aware of their context. The exercises are accompanied by short verbal commands. The children are helped by a volunteer / parent, who makes sure they do everything correctly.

Within our Association, we have a parent whose child (Matei) benefits from our help, which consists of paying for his logopaedics and hippotherapy. Mr. Nicolae-Bogdan Ipate participated in a 3C therapy introductory workshop and wants to coordinate this activity.

Program participants: 15 children suffering from autism, Down syndrome, mental delay and other disabilities.

What we need:

  • To rent a gym.
  • To acquire a set of objects which should include: marked cones, hoops, visual timer, rods, pins, balls and splints.
  • To ensure transportation for an experienced therapist: Mrs. Lucia Hen, martial arts trainer and member of the National Association Cercetaşii României, from Paşcani.
  • To organize a workshop with the exclusive participation of Mr. Paul Cojocaru, as well as with the participation of the parents and volunteers involved in the project.